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FS: 16x1.5 OZ Lips (35-hole) USED

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1FS: 16x1.5 OZ Lips (35-hole) USED Empty FS: 16x1.5 OZ Lips (35-hole) USED on December 28th 2015, 5:47 pm


New Member
New Member
Name: Danny
Location: Orlando, FL
Means of Contact: PM or Email (ourportfolio@gmail.com)
Price: $150 Shipped (for the pair) within USA

Hey Guys,

Up for sale I have two 16x1.5" OZ Racing lips.  They are 35-hole and never been worked on, wheels were just recently split for the first time ever.  I have no need for these as I'll be running bigger lips, so that's why they're up for grabs.  There are no cracks or bends.  The only "major" curb rash is shown in the last picture - it's not that bad and can be fixed easily.   Aside from that, there may be some tiny/minor marks, but those should come off during the sanding/polishing process.

Thanks for looking,

FS: 16x1.5 OZ Lips (35-hole) USED OZ_Lips_3

FS: 16x1.5 OZ Lips (35-hole) USED OZ_Lips_5

FS: 16x1.5 OZ Lips (35-hole) USED OZ_Lips_6

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