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1SSR AGLE STRUSSE 17x10 +6 (PAIR) Empty SSR AGLE STRUSSE 17x10 +6 (PAIR) March 24th 2017, 6:19 pm


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This is a just a pair. The wheels have little curb rash and chrome chipping near the spokes, but are in good condition. I'm mostly looking for 17x9, or 17x10 with a less aggressive offset. No fake wheels. Willing to sell them for 600. Pm is key.  

SSR AGLE STRUSSE 17x10 +6 (PAIR) De7d577c9541823c1b2eea68baf914a9

SSR AGLE STRUSSE 17x10 +6 (PAIR) C49027325f1a846cb3ac5532cbc61091SSR AGLE STRUSSE 17x10 +6 (PAIR) 9a5ac609d06795492448bbe6efe1af4c

SSR AGLE STRUSSE 17x10 +6 (PAIR) F8c715eeab2ef8ab4a0c9ff609bd1335

SSR AGLE STRUSSE 17x10 +6 (PAIR) 35e891b195afbeab55502b1193772e8a

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