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19" Stance Sc-5 - January 18th 2015, 8:08 pm

I am looking to sell my #Stance #SC-5 wheels. They are 7 out of 10. 2 wheels have some rash on the lip but it's an easy fix. They are staggered 19x8.5 front with 215/35/19. Rear is 9.5 with 225/35/19.  I'm looking to get 1200 #OBO
Email me
Check out my IG for photos @stancedb6
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FS: 3-Piece Ronal Racing Turbos - January 15th 2015, 7:18 am

*Up for sale are my lovely #Ronal #Turbos. #3piece, #magnesium centers

Bolt pattern- #5x100
Diameter: 15in
width: 8"
Centerbore: 57.1
ET: +38
(pics will show fitment, in pics 3mm #spacer front/ 5mm spacer rear)
2"- #lips and 6"- #barrels (original to the #wheels, #J-Rolled "racing " lips on both halves.)

Asking $3500 ----- #OBO.
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I tracked these down from the ends of the earth a couple of years ago (really just from an atttic), split them down,
had some #damage on them professionally #fixed and repaired. ( minor chunk missing from #barrel j-roll lip, was #welded back up and smoothed out just fine., and one lip had a small #bend/#dented j-rool which was fixed.)
other then that the #barrels have never been re-welded due to cracks.

Fully #polished all the lips, all back to mirror finish (i left some of the moro #dings and blemishes as i didn't want them to completely lose all of their character.its nothing too noticeable or wouldn't be hard to make them #100% perfect again.)

replaced all the hardware with allen-head, grade-12.9 bolts and #stainless washers and nyloc-nuts as well (still have all the original bolts also).

Some chipping of paint on centers from road debris, as these #wheels were designed to suck air in, subsequently sucking in road grit as well, i was going to refinish them, but now i'll leave the color choice up to the new owner....

I still have the 3 VIAL center #caps that came with them, never could #track down a 4th. I did end up buying some hexagonal style center caps to use, but they need some #modifications to be made to fit correctly, they are just a few MM too small for the hole and need some material added to the prongs to get them to be secured... the center cap hole is an uncommon size so sourcing caps has been a nightmare. And i had some quality #Ronal #Logo decals made to fit them hex-caps also.

NO #TRADES, Buyer Pays shipping/fees/insurance

Tires will be removed prior to shipping, and most likely will split the wheels down as well to make shipping as cheap as possible and minimize any risk for damage.

tons more detailed pics can be found here:
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Hey everybody! I have a set of #Avant #Garde #wheels ( #agwheels )series #f110. The #specs are 18x10 et0 225/40/18 front 18x11 et-7 245/40/18 rear #nitto #nt555 #tires. The wheels have no #damage the finish is #chrome lips and #brushed #polish faces. 4.5/5.5 lips. I sold the car they were on which was a #350z and I now own a EVOX and really need these wheels gone!! The wheels retail for 5500$ im asking 3100$ #OBO buyer pays for shipping. I'm located in south #Florida. Contact me at (954)-608-7399 call/text for pictures and more info! wheels are aking up space in my room and no use for them now!! - Ryan
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FS/FT Watercooledind CC10s - January 5th 2015, 7:43 am

Looking to get rid of these bad boys asap.
Brushed Faces with chrome lips.
#Wheels are straight, no bends, no cracks!
Pics aren't uploading. Check my IG for pics or text!!!!
IG = @fuckphilbeltran
Fronts: #18x9 +30ish
Faces have minor imperfections, nothing steel wool can't fix.
#Lips have minor scratches, hard to get a pic of.  
Tires are #Nankang NS-20s with 30% tread left.
Rears: #18x9.5 +35ish
Faces also have minor imperfections.
Lips are BRAND NEW. Only a month old.
Tires are NEO-GEN's  about 2 months old with 90% tread left.
More pics upon request. They're off the car and ready to ship.
$3500 #OBO
With shipping included!
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Hey guys, My name is Jared. I'm located in New Orleans #Louisiana. Feel free to text me at 504-650-0613. Prefer local sale, but we can make shipping arrangements if we need to.

For sale I have my #LB #Forged #LB-152 #Wheel Set. #20x10 +25 and #20x11 +30. #5x110 lug pattern (can be run on #5x108 or #5x112 with wobbles!) #Tires are #Toyo #Proxes Plus 4's 225/35 front and 245/35 rear. Trans #gold with #polished #lips and raw barrells. Wheels are 9/10 I'd say (always minor flaws on wheels...inevitable). No #curbs, #dents, #leaks, or chips in #powder. They are no longer daily driven (approx 100 miles a month). 90% or so on tread life. This setup really is basically new, but everything of mine is always for sale at the right price. 3500 #OBO.

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For sale #VolkRacing #TE37 18" by 7.5" +40 w/o #tires $2,500 #OBO  
Steve PM, or Text me At  (863) two zero six 1984 Located in Lakeland, #Florida
buyer pays shipping
These have been refinished in a custom Multicam Camo finish.
all brand new #Volk Valve stems included.
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FS/FT: BBS RFs 18 inch - November 18th 2014, 9:35 am

I am looking to sell a set of BBS RFs refinished by Spintech. The wheels are originally 17 inch faces so the step lips to 18s look great IMO. There are no curb marks, bends  or rash - the #wheels are polished lips, faces and bolts and the back barrels are painted red.
The wheels will also come with all hub centering rings for installation.
Just to recap the wheels:
#18x9 Square ET30
Polished slant lips for 17 to 18 inch conversion
#Polished #BBS #RF faces - 17inch faces
Polished bolts Red Barrels
Price is: 3500$ + Shipping #OBO.
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Please PM me if you have any questions and thanks for looking,
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Up for sale is my set of #Rotiform #WRW 19" 3-Piece #wheels, they are #5x114.3 #19x12 +10 and #19x13 +30, candy gold faces with polishesd lips. I am asking for $3800 OBO for the wheels only. I can take tires off, if you want tires I have #Hankook 255/30 and #Nitto Invo 285/30 that can go with the set for $4300 #OBO. This set up has less than 5.000 miles on it. Call/Text 7149899197 for more info
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Fs/Ft: 18" 5x112 Translucent Copper Work Vsxx - October 15th 2014, 12:59 pm

Whatsup guys im looking to trade my #work #vsxx wheels for some 18 inch autostrada modenas or 18 inch bbs rf or 18 inch #ccw #classic 5 or anything else in 18 inch please no reps or #stock #wheels. Must be with tires since ill trade with my tires on.
Wheel specs:
-Bolt pattern: #5x112 not redrilled came from work that way!
-#18x8 fronts with #nitto neogens 205/40/18 80% thread
-#18x9 rears with nitto neogens 215/40/18 78% thread
-Dont know the size of lips because the wheels came part of car and didnt measure.
-Front and rear offsets are 38
- faces are #powdercoated #translucent #copper with polished lips
- barells are matte black
-hardware gloss black
-refinished by Perfect Metal Finishing
- wheels have zero curb rash and no bends or cracks i avoid every pothole possible
Price is $3,000 #obo with tires no low balls please  for pics please contact me thanks
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Hey guys, need to sell or trade my discontinued and ultra rare #Work #Euroline FS wheels. I would prefer cash, high end paintball guns plus cash, or a flossy set of 18 inch wheels... However, I will take the following trades without any cash on top:

- #OEM #MK6 #GLI Bumper & Skirts
- #3SDM 0.06s (Preferably Staggered)
- #Rotiform I#NDs (Preferably Staggered)

The #wheels are #19x8.5 +46 and #19x9.5 +46, have all origonal hardware and are already #5x112 without re-drilling or any mess. Perfect fitment for an #MK6 and anyone who has seen the car can attest to that.
Some curb on the lips but nothing that won't buff out or get fixed for like $80 bucks?

Also have a #Fifteen52 +Line bumper to add for the right trade.

Price: 1450 obo w/ Tires. 1300 #obo w/o Tires.

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I have for sale a set of #14x6 +6 #4x114.3 #Yokohama #Advan #A3A old school #wheels made in Japan. The faces and lips are #polished and the #spoke windows, lug pockets, and embossed "ADVAN" letters are flat #black. The wheels are in excellent condition with no #cracks or #bends, have brand new #stainless gold #finish hardware, and come complete with all four center caps. A #4x100 bolt pattern was drilled out approx. 10mm deep behind the faces to help accomodate stock lug stems as long as 25mm protruding out from #4x100 to #4x114.3 adapters as small as 15mm. The center caps were dull and pitted with road grime over the years so they were sanded and #Plastidipped flat black to add some contrast with the #polished finish.  The Plastidip on the center caps isn't perfectly smooth but it can be fixed with some thinner or removed and redone whatever finish/color if desired. $1000 #obo. #Sold as is, no #trades, cash only, local pickup only, and I will not be held responsible for incorrect fitment due to buyer exceptions. If you'd be interested in buying them send me a PM. My name is Glenn.

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F/S Axis Penta - May 12th 2014, 7:55 pm

Got a staggered set of #Axis #Penta's hyper black for sale. Front #tires need to be replaced but rears are good. $800 #OBO
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bbs lms 18x8.5 (real) - December 26th 2013, 8:06 pm

Getting to that time to take them off and just seeing what is out there.. Would rather trade for something 18 2 piece but price to buy is 3000 #obo
Make: #BBS
Model: #LM
OffSet: 37 (Was 30 but had them shaven down by Spintech LLC)
Bolt Pattern : #5X112
Tires neo gen 205/40/18
They are Candy white faces and mirror polish lips with powered coated black bolts.  All work was done by #Spintech LLC
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Will take more pictures when I get them off the car
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#Drag DR 44 (#BBS #RS style) Gold with #polished lip
#17x7.5 +45 offset
#5x100 bolt pattern

#Dunlop SP Sport 01 235/45/17 with 95% tread

Looking for $700 #OBO. Very willing to negotiate a bit, but not looking for low ball offers. This money is going to new #wheels/all season tires

FS Enkei RPF1 17" x 8" ___ 5 x 100 pattern - August 19th 2013, 10:46 pm

Selling 4 #Enkei #RPF1 #Wheels with #Yokahama #AVID #Tires.

Tires only have 300 miles on them.

Local Pickups Preferred, but will via freight if necessary.

MSRP for Wheels New: $1000
MSRP for Tires New: $475

Asking Price: $999 #OBO

Wheel Specs:

Front and Rear

Size: #17x8
Offset: 45mm
Backspacing: 6.18"
Bolt Pattern: #5x100
Weight: 15.6lbs.
Finish: #Gold Painted
Construction: 1pc. Gravity Cast w/ MAT Technology
Finish Warranty: 1 Year
Manufactured in Japan

Tire Specs:
#Yokahama #AVID EnVigor
95V XL 560 A A 1521 lbs.

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Picked these up for the wife's car a while became mine and I don't really want them anymore.....Located Longwood, #FL

-One wheel has about 4" of minor curb rash than can easily be fixed.
-One wheel has a tiny nick about a 1/4" long
-Other two wheels are in great shape

#fifteen52 #TARMACS

WRAPPED IN 215/45/17 #FALKEN 512's...Maybe 3000 miles on them

WITHOUT TIRES------$1000 SHIPPED #OBO....OR....$900 PICKED UP------

WITH #TIRES------$1200 SHIPPED OBO....OR....$1100 PICKED UP------

TIRES-----$350 SHIPPED....OR....$300 PICKED UP

Message me via PM or text me @ 407-443-seven 9 seven 0

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FT Tenzo R DC2 4x114.3 17" - July 29th 2013, 2:41 pm

#Tenzo #R DC2 17 inch #4x114.3 #wheels
Not sure on the offset but I believe it is 30.
Set of three, One was stolen, I would prefer to trade down to a size 15
Tires on two of three will require replacement.

Location: #Charlotte, NC
PM for pictures or email!
Price is 200 #obo but will #trade for 15 and 16 inch wheels, Would prefer with #tires.

***Pictures upon request, I am a new member so it will not allow me to post them***
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FS/FT #volk #gtc #17x8 +16 #17x9 +28 wo #tires
First Name: Joey
Location: #Houston, TX 77093
Means of Contact: PM or txt 832-677-7533
Price: $1500 #obo #trades welcome
they're #powdercoated #candy #blue over silver have new #volk center caps included also have lug nuts and key minor scratches
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