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FS//FT : CCW LM5T's - 5x112 - 17x9.5 // 17x10.5

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1FS//FT : CCW LM5T's - 5x112 - 17x9.5 // 17x10.5 Empty FS//FT : CCW LM5T's - 5x112 - 17x9.5 // 17x10.5 on February 14th 2015, 10:13 am


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Wanting to trade or sell my CCW LM5T's, looking for BBS RS or cash. $2600 USD plus shipping and paypal fees.
Rolled MK5 GTI Fenders
FS//FT : CCW LM5T's - 5x112 - 17x9.5 // 17x10.5 Cff122754b45e95764161172f64e094a
MK5 Jetta Flared. (Yes I know the wheel is backwards)
FS//FT : CCW LM5T's - 5x112 - 17x9.5 // 17x10.5 25300f4a6e9e9b4d22dcd7c4ae6bf370
Front MK5 GTI Fender Pulled (will sit fender to lip, just not air'd out completely)
FS//FT : CCW LM5T's - 5x112 - 17x9.5 // 17x10.5 3392d1e76f8f7f7da045d0a8ad84228e
Originally purchased on 8/30/2013.
Second owner, were bought in the states and brought to Canada.
Straight wheels, no bends or nicks. Front right inner barrel had a crack and was welded professionally. All four wheels hold air and balance perfectly.

Polished Faces
Polished Lips
Polished CCW Caps
Polished ARP Hardware
Face Mounted

Bolt pattern:

Front Wheel Specs:
17x9.5 et 32 3.5" lips

Rear Wheel Specs:
17x10.5 et 19 4.5" lips

Offset will be changed if mounting is changed.

All four wheels sitting on Dunlop Direzza DZ101 tires with 80% tread life left.

Perfect front fitment for MK5/MK6. Fender to lip, no fender work or camber needed.

Aggressive rear fitment for MK5/MK6, to sit fender to lip you'll need fender work or more then factory camber.

Located in Kitchener, ON, Canada.

email :
text : (226) 750-9905


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